Storage Space Estimator


We use Storman self storage management software to manage our storage unit bookings and payments.




How much you pay for your storage unit will depend on the size of the unit you have selected, and the length of the term you have chosen....


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Storage Space Estimator

Space Estimator Table


Please use the table below to estimate how much space you will need for the contents of your home or room.
Bedroom 7m2
1 Bedroom House 9m2
2 Bedroom House 12m2
3 Bedroom House 18m2
4 Bedroom House 27m2




Weatherproof, dry, secure storage


Looking for convenient storage units that ensure the safety of your belongings? 

Our self-storage options are not only completely secure, using the latest monitoring and security technology, but we’ve also designed each unit to be completely damp-free and weather proof, giving you the peace of mind that what’s precious to you is being well looked after.